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Need to get that something special in a hurry? we prepared ready to ship products for faster shipping and delivery options for when you’re on a deadline. Visit Our RTS web for checking the RTS items

OEM Service

We started our business in 2012, and we are good at designing and manufacture lady leather handbags. it’s our honor that we served 500 customers based on the professional equipment, experience, and skilled workers in the pasted 7 years

ODM Service

 we have a group of professional, skilled, and experienced design and production personnel. Whether you provide ideas or designs, we can produce satisfactory products for you. You can completely eliminate your worries.

Produce Bags as the sample

Based on our extensive and strong relationships that have been developed with manufacturers here and abroad, we are able to supply our customers with high-quality products at incredibly low factory prices

Purchase Service

Our company has been rooted in this industry for 7 years and the factory is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Based on our good supply Chain and high-quality resource around our company, we also help our VIP customers to purchase the goods from China.

Design Service

Based on a professional designer team, we also can only provide design service. our professional customer service team is always available to help you. As we are constantly adding new products, all of our staff are fully trained in the latest trends and offerings

We’re available for any kinds of handbags


We Offer The Best Services

Our handbag factory want to start the first business with you, My potential is just like your advisory advisor. If you believe it at the beginning,  I will work harder and harder and do more and more things for you. If you don’t believe it at the beginning and rely on other things, I will slow down and leave You, when you need it, I will not come again.

Completed Fashion Handbags Styles Every Year
Sold bags Every Year
Take High Quality Material

How OEM/ODM Works

We are a handbag factory that mainly produce affordable luxury handbags and provide good service


Leave a message of your requirements, with the details, such as Size, Leather, LOGO, Appearance, Color, Design, then we will check your requirements and make a proposal for you.


Based on the Preliminary plan, we will share our ideas with you for deep checking, to modify the design and update the thoughts, then we will make a paper die-cut for a prototype, for first appearance checking.


After the prototype checking, we will make a sample with real material and hardware, 100% the same as the required bag for the final confirmation and sign for the gold sample for production.


Purchase the material for the mass order, and make a plan for mass production, arrange the 100% inspection before loading. then ship to your warehouse for sale.

Factory Online


We can help you with any project and bags


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